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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and John Wilkes Booth

Posted in Shop Talk  by Steven on January 4th, 2012

Most people have heard of the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” where it is proposed that any actor can be linked to the prolific entertainer in six steps or less. Readers of popular online link site Reddit decided to put this to the test, and were even able to connect Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth to Bacon!

  1. Booth appeared in an 1863 production of MacBeth with Louisa Lane Drew.
  2. Louisa Lane Drew appeared in an 1896 production of The Rivals with her grandson Lionel Barrymore.
  3. Lionel Barrymore appeared in It’s A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stuart in 1948.
  4. Jimmy Stuart was in 1977’s Airport ’77 with Jack Lemmon.
  5. Jack Lemmon was in JFK in 1991 with Kevin Bacon.

Another reader shaves Booths’ Bacon Number to 4 by tracing Lionel Barrymore to Kenneth Tobey in Right Cross (1950) then Tobey to Kevin Bacon in Hero At Large (1980.)

In an interesting aside, Kevin Bacon had been mentioned as producing a Showtime series on the Booth brothers in 2008, but the show seems to have dropped into limbo.


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Historic LOLs

Posted in Shop Talk  by Steven on August 15th, 2011

One of the humor sites I read is “Historic LOLs,” which add humorous captions to old photos or vintage illustrations. I love the expression on this man’s face. You wonder what the original circumstances were of this photo. 🙂


Wonders of the Art Business

Posted in Old Stuff in the News  by Steven on July 29th, 2009

I of course had to share this! 😀
(image removed by host)

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